Adventures in Amaranthine

Hiding from the Storm

Session 1

Gurk, Lena, Maynard Peckham, Sir Mattias Erwin Hetz Solier and Sven were all resting in a cavern system where they were attacked by a cruel and malicious pack of Gnolls and Goblins led by the Hobgoblin Orzimhaz. The party defeated the Gnolls and Goblins and then met each other. After names were exchanged they encountered Orzimhaz who introduced himself as a general for the new Hobgoblin Amhal. He spoke of his mission to regain a hobgoblin artifact which would help the Amhal unite the Hobgoblins. Sir Mattias could not allow this and attacked Orzimhaz. The Hobgoblin with a single swing knocked Sir Mattias from his horse, the knight was on the ground bleeding out. Orzimhaz cleaned his blade on the knights tabbard and then force fed a potion of healing saying “One day we will fight again, and he will be at his best-” Sir Mattias woke up. “- And when that day comes i will kill you and it may mean something.”



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